Apex takes your company from zero to big data on the fly while simultaneously helping you to build foundations on which you can grow, pivot, and own.

Apex is a big data engineering consultancy that focuses on the intersection of research data science, business planning and big data engineering to provide reliable distributed computing frameworks for companies struggling to scale out their data strategies. We've spent years developing push button deployments of open source alternatives to expensive cloud based services, so that we can provide you with a big data strategy that minimizes cost and maximizes flexibility without sacrificing efficiency, robustness and maintainability. We are able to do this by leveraging our deep engineering experience with open source big data tools in combination with our decades of experience tackling the unique business challenges around flexibility and usability that many companies overlook.

Collectively we have our hands on the pulse of the big data community, we know what tools works, and what's going to be a distraction, we know what's on its way out, what's hitting its peak productivity, and what's too green to use. As a result, we call what we do more than data architecture. We call it Data Architecture Strategy, a living breathing plan that combines technology strategy with engineering. We'll help you navigate the waters and provide you with a solution that works so you can get back to making the decisions that will affect your business.

The end result is a comprehensive data roadmap which gets your data science and analytics teams productive with big data quickly using the tools that they know and love, without sacrificing the integrity of a truly scalable data engineering strategy, along with the engineering resources to make that roadmap a reality.

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