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About Apex

Most companies sell you Data Products. We sell you Data Solutions. We put your business need at the foundation of our efforts and reverse engineer everything from there. We believe the business use cases and requirements are the starting point for defining the things we are passionate about.

Stay at the Helm

By leveraging open source tools like Kubernetes and Helm you can get the benefit of AWS and Azure without the cost by deploying open source alternatives to their more costly services. The end result is a system that you control and not the other way around.


We specialize in difficult problems in which data engineering intersects with one or more challenging disciplines such as:

Cloud Big Data Architecture

  • Robust Distributed Systems Development
  • Kubernetes and Helm powered robustness
  • OSS Driven, no vendor locking
  • Data Lake and Warehouse transformation

Data Science Enablement

  • Scalable Algorithm Design
  • Data Visualization and Governance
  • Ad/hoc Interactive Capability
  • Advanced Dask and Spark Development
  • Databricks and Delta Lake Consulting

Geospatial Data Engineering

  • Scalable
  • Geo-visualization
  • Realtime/Transactional
  • Apache Sedona / Spark Powered Geospatial Data Engineering

GPU Processing and Machine Learning

  • Distributed GPU processing
  • Nvidia / RAPIDS development
  • Kubernetes Powered
  • Kubeflow deployments

Graph Analytics

  • Cloud Native Distributed Graph DB's
  • Transactional graphs
  • Graph Visualizations
  • Advanced Distributed Graph Algorithms
  • Spark GraphX

Stream Data Processing and Lambda Architectures

  • Scalable/Distrubted Stream Processing
  • Spark Streaming / Flink
  • Lambda Architecture Development
  • Back Pressure Engineering
  • Functional Streaming

Our Skills

Our skillsets are both broad and deep. Here are just some of the technologies our engineers specialize in:

Our Team

Kyle Prifogle

Kyle Prifogle

Founder - Principal Architect

Nathan Feuerstine

Nathan Feuerstine

Principal Architect

Andrew Poland

Andrew Poland

Principal Devops Engineer


Gogalex is a Qlik BI visualization consultancy based out of Indianapolis, IN